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Kindle 3 Wi-Fi and 3G (with Wi-Fi) ereaders are great value in Australia

Kindle Wi-FiWe now have a great new range of Kindles [1]that caters for different users more effectively.  Where we previously had the Kindle 2 and Kindle DX, we now have three different products:  the Kindle Wi-Fi, the Kindle 3G (with Wi-Fi) and the Kindle DX.

Whats new?  The Kindle 2 has morphed into two different products: the Kindle Wi-Fi and the Kindle 3G (+Wi-Fi).  These two new products have the following advantages over the Kindle 2:

Many people don’t have a requirement to buy books when they are not at home and hence the Kindle Wi-fi model at $139 represents great value particularly when one considers all the free classics that are available.  To take advantage of the Wi-Fi capability requires that your home has a wireless network or that you live near a Wi-Fi network (many fast food outlets and bookshops have these these days).   If you don’t have a wireless network at home or easy access toi a Wi-Fi spot, you can still download Kindle books to your computer and then transfer them from there to your Kindle via USB.

Of course, if you prefer to be able to buy books on the fly (from your home, or while you travel around your country or abroad) then the Kindle 3G (+Wi-fi) is not much more expensive at $189 and will work wherever there is a mobile network available (currently in 100 countries).  In this case you won’t need a wireless network or USB connection to a computer.

Both of the above have 6″ displays, so if you want something bigger that also has 3G then the Kindle DX  is ideal as it has  a 9.7″ display.  This size display is especially useful if you want to look at newspapers or blogs or large pdfs.  It can also be useful to those whose eyesite requires that text be magnified to a larger size.

CountryKindle Wi-Fi 6"Kindle 3G+Wi-Fi 6"Kindle DX 9.7"
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