7 reasons to buy a Kindle ereader

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  • Access to a huge selection of books. Amazon has over 400,000 ebooks available for sale. You can download the complete works of Arthur Conan Doyle, Leo Tolstoy, Charles Dickens, Rudyard Kipling, Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austen, Mark Twain and Shakespeare from Amazon for under $30 and load these onto your Kindle using only 65MB of storage which still leaves you with plenty of space as the the Kindle 2 has over 1000MB of storage and the Kindle DX has over 3000MB of storage.  See Kindle classics available at Amazon.  You can also get thousands of free ebooks that are in Kindle format – see our free ebooks.  In addition you have access to over 1 million publications on Google for free which you can download in epub format from Google Books and then convert using Calibre into .mobi format which is readable by the Kindle.  Just go to Google Books Advanced Book Search and select “Public Domain only”.  Once you have entered the book on Google Search, click on the “Download” link on the right-hand side and select the epub format.  You can then use Calibre to convert the epub ebook into a Kindle ebook.
  • Carry your library with you. The kindle has space for 3,500 books
  • Instant access to ebooks on Amazon. If you want a new book from Amazon you can get one in 60 seconds no matter where you are as it has free 3G wireless access available in over 100  countries.  You can browse the Kindle store right from your Kindle!
  • Long battery life. You don’t need to worry about your battery going flat as the battery will keep going for a week if you have 3G wireless switched on and two weeks if you don’t have wireless switched on.  You only need the wireless on if you want to buy books.
  • Read for hours without straining your eyes. The Kindle uses a special technology called E-ink which makes it seem as if you are reading an ordinary printed book.  Computer displays, even those using the newer LCD technology will cause eye strain if used for lengthy periods.  You can even read a book on the beach!
  • Cheap books. Many ebooks cost less than the equivalent printed books and of course there is no delivery charge!  Best Sellers and new releases are $9.99.  As mentioned above, there are also thousands of free or almost free books available.
  • Light. No heavier than a paperback at  10.2 ounces (289 gr).  The DX is a bit heavier at 18.9 ounces (536 gr) but you do get a much bigger screen for that.
  • Supports Audible Audio books. Audible has over 75,000 books in audio format for you to listen to.  Find out more.
  • 30 day return policy with full refund if in new condition.
  • If you prefer a large screen (9.7″ or 25cm as opposed to 6″  or 15cm) then you are better off getting a Kindle DX


Kindle 2 features demonstrated in video above

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